About the competition

  • The books

    OK deep breath! You get 50 monster ideas to get MORE website links & customers,Landing Page Optimization, Steve Jobs, Total Recall, SPIN Selling, Influence, The Referral Engine, The New Rules of Marketing " PR, Delivering Happiness, Rework, The Non-Designer's Design Book, Purple Cow, Lean Analytics, Predictably Irrational, Smart and Gets Things Done, Made to Stick, The 4-Hour Workweek, Running Lean, The Lean Startup. Whew! AND 20 runners up get a copy of the book 30 Days To Sell.

  • Why it rocks

    It's an entire MBA on a book shelf. Nineteen books covering the best insider business and marketing advice for the greatest minds and companies. From starting up, testing your idea, getting customers, selling, keeping customers, growing the business and finally some inspirational stories to keep you going when times are tough.

Enter the competition


About the competition

To celebrate the coming launch of new book 30 days To Sell, Alan O'Rourke (me, urgh, writing in the third person is weird!) has collected together all the best business and marketing books he could find (including his of course) and is giving them away.
I/He is also giving away 20 copies of his book. Which you can find out more here.

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