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On-boarding emails – great examples

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The guys over at asked me to do a guest post about on-boarding emails and my new book 30 Days to sell. Check it out here.

The Best of Christmas Emails – 37 examples of great christmas email newsletter design

We have collected together a swipe file of 37 of the best Christmas email newsletters. These email newsletter examples come from eCommerce stores, design agencies, food and drink companies and more. Download this free .pdf ebook and get inspired. Name Email Opt into another list Monthly Beautiful Email Newsletters subscribers Download

The perfect book landing page – Week 2 book marketing

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Documenting the marketing plan over ten weeks as I prepare for the launch of my second book 30 days to sell.  Start from week one here. First order of business this week is to get a sample of the book ready and released. So much of my marketing plan involves audience building. Before I ask someone to give me their email address I need something to give them in return....

Week 1 – Brain dump and research

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I had not planned it, but when telling a mate, Niall Larkin, about the new book I was working on, he quickly gave me a kick in the bum by tweeting and sharing this pic of the cover. Word was out and there was not a thing I could do about it. Niall linked me to the post on launching a product (go ahead and read it, then come...

12 things I learnt from publishing my first book

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On November 2011 I published my first book and told a few people. It was a small book on search engine optimization and link building. Very small. So small in fact I was convinced it would get savaged in the reviews on amazon. I mean, I have read longer blog posts than my book, 50 Monster Ideas to get MORE website links and customers. I am sure I have even...

A marketing post about marketing a marketing book

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Do you know what would be a really bad idea? Writing a marketing book about marketing a marketing book, while finishing and marketing the first book. It's like the movie Inception, but for marketing books, and no Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s not a movie, so really it’s not very much like Inception. But I can play the Inception soundtrack while I write and pretend. I live in to-do lists as...

See how Shopify & Cliniko convert trial users to customers

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E-commerce software now hosts over 50,000 active online retailers. They activate trial users to paying customers with these carefully targeted emails during a brief 14 day trial. Healthcare Practice Management Software Cliniko require significantly more touch points with users to hook them over 30 days. See how they do it with these two sample chapters are now available to download free. Download now    

Sneak peek – New book, 30 Days To Sell

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I was chatting to a my friend Niall Larkin about the new book I am writing. He loved the idea, so before I knew what was happening, he had taken a photo of the book cover and immediately shared it on Facebook. So I guess he beat me to the first announcement! So here it is. A sneak peak of the new book. Of course it involves email and getting...