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Announcing Payment Forms with Braintree


Thanksgiving is almost upon us to kick off the holiday season! Maybe you’re the orchestrator of cooking the turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and cider – or just the helpful eater. Either way, JotForm has festive forms that help you get your fix of Turkey Day. Your forms can also now be integrated with Braintree, the easiest way to accept payments online and on mobile.

Braintree + JotForm
The Future of Online Payment Collection

JotForm is bringing you the power of Braintree! Now you can use Braintree to collect payments directly from your forms. Do you need one-time payments, ongoing subscriptions, or donations? Just select Braintree from the Payment tools, and configure it through the step-by-step interface.

Keep Your Business Ticking Along
During the Holidays!

Here are three helpful tips to make sure your forms are working hard, even when you’re in a completely debilitating food coma! Put some thought into your form’s “submit” button. Think about labeling it “Sign Up”, “Purchase”, or “Apply Now”. Include an image on your form; it’s been shown to greatly improve the number of responses! Use Form Analytics to see how well your forms are converting. Sometimes a little tweak to your form will make it perform better.

Looking to Lighten the Kitchen Duty
This Thanksgiving?

Send a form to your guests to let them choose what to bring with our Appointment Slots Widget. It not only lets you know who’s bringing what, but it also shows the items that have already been selected by other guests, so no one brings the same thing!

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Thanksgiving Request

JotForm In the News
“JotForm Inc., is part of a vanguard of firms that are shifting data from the U.S. to Europe because of the European Union’s top court’s decision to invalidate an EU-U.S. data-transfer pact.”

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