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We know we mentioned this recently, but we’ve missed your visits to We’re launching new features
every month and now support brokerage, 401K and other investment accounts. Here’s Lifehacker’s take on
these improvements:

"Mint, the web-based financial management application that took us by storm a few months back,
is adding investment tracking to their already impressive feature set. Mint’s investments, currently
in beta, tracks everything from the performance of your Roth IRA to the value of your 401k, all from
its attractive, easy-to-understand interface.

Mint’s new investments feature could mean a whole new way to understand, manage, and track your finances –
and best of all, it’s free to use."

Please log in ( today. We’re betting that you’ll find new ways that can help you, too!

The Mint Team

P.S. Want to achieve your goals faster? Use our NEW goals feature to set goals, track your progress and get customized advice. Visit

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