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Hello Everyone!  I’m Luke Glasner, the new Editor-in-Chief for Beautiful Email Newsletters.  I’ve been a fan Alan’s work and the work of others contributing to BEN Approves for years.  It is my hope to continue the work of the original email newsletter gallery and showcase great email creative for all.

The site will continue with its great look and feel, but you may notice that my posts have a bit more text than in the past.   I am better at creating imagery through words than through graphics, which is why I wish to not only showcase some of the best email creative and designs I can find, but also provide brief analysis on what makes the creative great. It’s a passion of mine; I’ve enjoyed serving as an ECHO Award Judge since 2011, advertising in general, the words and imagery, has always fascinated me.

For my first series of posts, I will be showcasing the emails from DD Perks, a loyalty app from dunking donuts.  Why?  Because with good coffee anything is possible!  Seriously, though they’ve done a great job of making on brand creative that delivers using behavioral based trigger emails.   You can view the first of my new series of posts here.

While the names may have changed the mission remains the same – providing email inspiration for email marketers everywhere.  I hope you will stop by again and again to see what new emails BEN Approves of!

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Luke Glasner

I'm a veteran email marketer with over a decade of experience. While most people associate me with email analytics, I took over editing duties at Beautiful Email Newsletters to spend more time working with creative. Serving as an ECHO Award Judge since 2011 and a Smarties Awards Judge since 2015, I've gotten the chance to review some of the best marketing campaigns in world (and some of the worst). Now as the Editor-in-Chief, I hope to share campaigns that BEN would approve and continue the mission of this great site!