How we increased our activation rate from 2% to 30% in 10 steps

Andrea from twoodo sent me this great post on the methods they used to increase user activation on their product. Very nicely they also reference my book as a help. Go read it and see what you can use in your own business.

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Note: This competition has now finished. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about future offers. To celebrate the launch of my new book 30 Days to sell I am giving away 20 of the very best business & marketing books. Total value $302. OK deep breath! You get 50 monster ideas to get MORE website links & customers,Landing Page Optimization, Steve Jobs, Total Recall, SPIN Selling, Influence, The Referral...

The best welcome email ever received

The following is an answer posted on and is taken from the book 30 Days To Sell. ------------------------------------------------- First impressions are important. Your first email sets the tone of your relationship and is a deciding factor on whether your subsequent emails, no matter how good, get read by your users. The welcome email must walk the delicate line of getting a user to do enough to see the value...

Smart email – Transformers email from playstation

I love this Transformers email from Playstation. When it first arrives and you have images turned off you can see the Autobot logo. Via LittleBigDetails and Reddit

Welcome to the new Beautiful Email Newsletters

Hello and welcome to the new, relaunched BEN email gallery showcase. Excuse the scaffolding as it comes down over the next few days and we ramp up to normal daily posting. So what have we done and how will it make your life fantastically better? Well as you know, and some of you were too kind not to mention, The old version of the site was OLD and starting to...