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Do you know what would be a really bad idea?

Writing a marketing book about marketing a marketing book, while finishing and marketing the first book. It’s like the movie Inception, but for marketing books, and no Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s not a movie, so really it’s not very much like Inception. But I can play the Inception soundtrack while I write and pretend.

I live in to-do lists as I am not a naturally organised person.  I find I am keeping a detailed list of what marketing I have to do for the book, 30 days to sell, and keeping track if what I get done each week.  So I am going to publish that directly here (without the spelling mistakes (I hope)) , and hopefully you can learn from my journey. At the very least it will save you time as I research the best blog posts and articles to read on publishing and marketing a book.

I learnt so much publishing my first book 50 monster SEO ideas. A book I threw out there to see what would happen and was amazed at the response to it. I expect to learn so much more on this trip as I try work to a bigger launch with less than 60 days left.

Below is my very original marketing brainstorm done over breakfast at my favourite coffee shop. The following blog posts breaks down my activities week by week. I hope you follow me and enjoy.

Of course if you have any ideas or suggestions on how to do better, please tell me in the comments where others can also read them.

Book marketing plan - to-do list

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Alan O'Rourke

Bafta nominated designer of over 10 years, Alan O’Rourke is Product Marketing Manager at WhatClinic.com, founder of email newsletter service Toddle.com and runs the number one email showcase site Beautiful-email-newsletters.com

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