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Our brand new menu, launching today.

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** We think that plants have spent enough time on the side of our plates, and deserve a moment in the spotlight.

It’s time for a bit of veg-ucation.
Here are our stars of the show this Spring:

** Where this all has stemmed from…
Food has become more confusing than ever before. The science says we mustn’t eat too much of the wrong things, but no one’s quite sure about the right things. Diets say you must eat like a caveman, or a bird, or with a blindfold on. There are so many differing opinions and diets, that it can leave us feeling a little stumped. Plants, however, are the one thing that everyone can agree you can never eat too much of. Natural, powerful plants.

It is clear that vegetables (as well as the children) are our future.

This Spring, we are focusing on the power of plants, and basking in their diverse glory. It’s time to start thinking of meat and simple ‘sugary’ carbohydrates as a side. Our bodies thrive when we eat lots of plants. Not just leafy greens, but vegetables, herbs, legumes, nuts, seeds, even coffee beans.

For the very first time, we are launching two brand new dishes from our soon-to-be-released cookbook, “Happy Salads” (released June 2nd 2016). Our Courgetti & Kale and Keen Bean Quinoa. For people who already love salads, and for those who don’t know it yet. We have packed chicken meatballs with plants, and then covered them with plants. Sicilian style. We have, after a lot of pleading for peas, brought back our Crushed Pea Salad. It’s time to celebrate all that plants can do.
Would you like to win a preview of our Power of Plants menu? We’re having a little party tomorrow night (Tuesday 5th) at our Leadenhall restaurant. We’ve got 25 places to give away to all the plant lovers out there. So, tell us your best #plantpickupline on twitter. Kale me maybe?
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To win a place at our Power of Plants preview party, tweet us @leonrestaurants with #plantpickuplines. We will choose 25 winners, and each winner may bring a plus one to the party. Thank you.

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