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Hello and welcome to the new, relaunched BEN email gallery showcase.
Excuse the scaffolding as it comes down over the next few days and we ramp up to normal daily posting.

So what have we done and how will it make your life fantastically better?

Well as you know, and some of you were too kind not to mention, The old version of the site was OLD and starting to creak. Seriously creak. It is almost five years old and started as a modified wordpress template and to be honest I am amazed it lasted so long. But it was really starting to limit how I wanted to grow and improve the site so a redesign from the ground up was required.

  • First you will notice, if you are not reading this on a computer, is that the site is now responsive and designed for easy viewing on the mobile. Yay.
  • And if you are on a big screen the images are now bigger! 135% more yay!
  • Better navigation.  I have laid the groundwork to tidy up tags and categories which have grown out of control. You will notice a difference over the coming weeks. Emails will be easier to find.
  • Clearer email types. You can now navigate between all emails, awarded emails and commercial email templates you can buy.
  • Design awards. The best emails of every month will now get an award from a judging panel consisting of the leading lights in the email industry. More on that soon.
  • A little more advertising. Sorry but I intend spending more time on the site to find higher quality email designs for you. This will feed my poor lonely family at home on those long nights. If you want to advertise contact me.
  • Easier updates. You wont notice this but the old way add new email designs was awful. Now wordpress will do all the complicated time consuming bits. Again this gives us more time to find better email designs.
  • Easier submitting. I know the old way you could submit your designs was a pain. Sorry it took so long.
  • A blog. I know it was madness not to have an actual blog where you could get news and updates. Fixed.
  • A book!. Yes a book is coming and a publisher is lined up. I will be blogging as it come together. If you want your email newsletter design included, submit it here.
  • More new features. But I cant talk about them yet 🙂

A huge thank you for everyone of you who have continued to read, follow, share, submit and message us over the last 5 years. It has been amazing. You have been amazing. I cant wait for you to see what is next.

Alan & team.


Ps. thanks to Gagham for coding my designs.

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Alan O'Rourke

Bafta nominated designer of over 10 years, Alan O’Rourke is Product Marketing Manager at WhatClinic.com, founder of email newsletter service Toddle.com and runs the number one email showcase site Beautiful-email-newsletters.com