Smart email – Transformers email from playstation

I love this Transformers email from Playstation. When it first arrives and you have images turned off you can see the Autobot logo. Via LittleBigDetails and Reddit

12 things I learnt from publishing my first book

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On November 2011 I published my first book and told a few people. It was a small book on search engine optimization and link building. Very small. So small in fact I was convinced it would get savaged in the reviews on amazon. I mean, I have read longer blog posts than my book, 50 Monster Ideas to get MORE website links and customers. I am sure I have even...

A marketing post about marketing a marketing book

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Do you know what would be a really bad idea? Writing a marketing book about marketing a marketing book, while finishing and marketing the first book. It's like the movie Inception, but for marketing books, and no Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s not a movie, so really it’s not very much like Inception. But I can play the Inception soundtrack while I write and pretend. I live in to-do lists as...

See how Shopify & Cliniko convert trial users to customers

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E-commerce software now hosts over 50,000 active online retailers. They activate trial users to paying customers with these carefully targeted emails during a brief 14 day trial. Healthcare Practice Management Software Cliniko require significantly more touch points with users to hook them over 30 days. See how they do it with these two sample chapters are now available to download free. Download now